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World Bank Group Analyst Program

Opportunity for talented and diverse young people to contribute and grow their skills as they launch a career in international development.

The 2017 application process will open April 5th through April 19th, 2017.

The World Bank Group Analyst Program is a new and unique opportunity for exceptionally talented young people with a passion for international development to contribute to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

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United Nations Young Professionals Programme (YPP)

Do you hold at least a first-level university degree? Are you 32 or younger by the end of this year? Do you speak either English and/or French fluently? Are you a national of a participating country? The United Nations is looking for highly qualified candidates who are ready to launch a professional career as an international civil servant. The young

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Smart Building Technologies Could Expose Companies To A New Breed Of Cyber Attack

Editor’s note: Peter Dickinson is the CTO of BuildingIQ, a leading energy management software company. He has worked as an entrepreneur and executive in the energy management and commercial property sector for the last 15 years. Last month major corporations and household names such as Evernote, TweetDeck and Feedly were held ransom by Internet hackers. Many found this concerning, but even more serious is that some

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Article: Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development and Environment

Abstract: The increased availability of reliable and efficient energy services stimulates new development alternatives. This article discusses the potential for such integrated systems in the stationary and portable power market in response to the critical need for a cleaner energy technology. Anticipated patterns of future energy use and consequent environmental impacts (acid precipitation, ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect or

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Building Energy Use

Choice of Technologies The diversity of available brands and technologies for lighting, and the ease with which light globes are replaced makes it particularly important that this sector is subject to MEPS. It is also acknowledged that for these reasons, lighting is one of the most difficult technologies to regulate. Furthermore, the ease with which light globes are transported makes

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Implementation Methodologies

Building Audit & Reporting Building audit reports, statistics on potential savings in domestic, commercial and public sectors Identification of measures at the design, construction and maintenance stages of the building life cycle for improved energy efficiency and deployment of renewable energy Identify efficient lighting and cooling equipment having significant potentials to reduce fossil fuel use Specific energy saving measures and

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The ESD Overview

Capacity for continual improvement: Baseline projection and monitoring system to be able to track and feedback on progress Opportunities and target potentials for energy savings are identified Enhanced national capacity through: Development of tools for energy efficient building design Identification of building materials and component efficiency labeling and standards. Support for use of trained personnel for sustainable energy through a

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